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Well, it seems the time has come for me to leave dA. I'm not going into saying I'm leaving for good ,seeing as how i've already come back ,but it will be years if i do return.

dA is like ...AIDs ,or cancer. Alot of people has it, you get benefits from having it ,but at the same time it's just sucking the life out of you. I'm a person that likes special things. I usually don't want what everyone else has, because there's nothing special about it.


I did make friends on this site ,and for that i am very thankful. You made putting up with all this crap worth it ,for the time i could stand it. I've meant alot or good and GREAT artists here. The only thing bad aback that is alot of them only have this site, and maybe some sort of personal page. If i was meant to see their love art/ photos i will catch them elsewhere in cyberspace.


I've deleted alot of journal entries and hidin my gallery ,as you can see. I see having those things here useless now. I hid my gallery ,and turned off comments for the thieves clawing around here ,and i don't want an inbox of messages i'm not gonna read. I deleted entries ,because looking at alot of them it's nothing but petty whining...or something random and unimportant. I left up good ones, tho. Ironically i noticed how people flamed me around my birthday. o.o Oddly...but it is on 9/11 where alot of people go sad, and angsty.

Now for important posts i've made.:…………


I know i have requests from people here. I have them done ,and i will upload them on different sites. If you want to contact me about a request you made email me. Do not im me if that's all you have to inquire on (or you're a boring ass person). I have a few friends connected to people that i did requests and gifts for so some of them will still be able to get out. If you know you're not one of these people (without kidding yourself ,seriously) then email me. If you want to talk to me and you don't have IMs you can email me ,too. I suggest you use yahoo ,or aol. Hotmail is often effy somethings.


The rules of contacting me via IMs:…



YIM - tatsuyoujo/ - connects to MSN
AIM - Tatsuyoujo - connects to ICQ
MSN - - connects to YIM



Art - i hold mini features - i hold features… - i hold feature… - thinking about hold features……


where i post social blogs like feelings and such…

Art blog

Roleplay info
  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
  • Reading: IM windows
  • Watching: cars on the highway
  • Playing: WLO
  • Eating: gits
  • Drinking: water

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Thanks for the understanding and cooperation!
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You fav a pic from our gallery.Please,remove the fav and fav only the original[link]
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hi, it's 12kakashi over from youtube ;D

i don't know which profile to post this on, so i'm going to perform some copy-paste no jutsu!
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Wow Excellent Gallery!!
Thank you for this nice gallery!
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Thanks for the :+fav:s! :D
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Yw! You rock!
I'm glad your anus isn't bleeding!
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Never! :salute:
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your a very talented drawer :)
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